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iVE.ONE is a digital fundraising platform on the blockchain to give companies a competitive advantage. With our solution, our customers, who were previously only active in private markets, can now act on the capital markets through tokenization and expand their investors' portfolios without the need of technical experience. 

Our solution iVE.ONE is a simple and user-friendly platform where investors interact with digital assets from issuers. Companies can tokenize and manage financial instruments on the blockchain in a regulated environment. Investors can easily invest in digital securities without having to deal with blockchain. And with this solution, we are coming closer to our vision: Better Digital Assets for Everyone.

iVE.ONE is a product that supports companies on capital raising through digital securities - compliant and legal

For Issuers

Digital Asset management

Auditable integrated compliance

Cost efficient through automation

Shareholder Management

Access to global markets

Included Brokerage License

For Investors

Invest into Digital Securities

Simple like Online Banking

Fast identification & onboarding

Receive real-time asset updates

Portfolio Analytics

Manage your assets.

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