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Amanah Advisors is an independent, globally recognised Shariah advisory firm. Amanah is dedicated to offering wholesome end-to-end Shariah-compliant solutions by leveraging on its experience, global connections and expertise in the field.

Amanah Advisors serves a number of international clients from all sectors of the financial industry. We have a client-centric focus where you and your needs are our primary responsibility. Amanah is fast becoming a world-renowned Shariah advisory firm with reach across the continents. We ensure you receive an end-to-end Shariah experience and the highest levels of service.

Review and Fatwa

Amanah Advisors provide Shariah review and Fatwa services to governments, corporates, financial institutions, non-governmental organisations and businesses. Our review services help you identify any Shariah non-compliance risks in your products and services. The review assists you in getting a second opinion or further clarity on your product and services. A Fatwa is issued to you upon a successful review.

Shariah Board

Amanah Advisors takes care of your Shariah board requirements and installs a world-class Shariah board for your organisation. Our advisors have worked on some of the leading products and complex instruments in the world. Our team are advising Governments, Central Banks and some of the most prestigious Islamic financial institutions.

We will present multiple scholars and allow you to select whom you want. Alternatively, you can leave the build to us and we will develop the most optimal board for your services.

Shariah Advisory Services

The Amanah Advisors team’s advisory services are focused on solving problems. Our unique team of consultants specialised in Islamic Finance, Islamic law, accounting, tax, financial planning, fintech, law and corporate finance allows us to deliver advice and guidance for your products and services to embed Shariah compliance in the most cost-effective and efficient way. We want your product to work for you, your clients and the entire economy.

Shariah Product Development

Our Shariah product development advisory services provide a one-stop solution for all product development requirements, from Proof of Concept through to launch.

We leverage our understanding of Islamic financing techniques with practical understanding of tax and regulatory requirements to assist in the developing market-leading products in line with Shariah requirements. Our team has in-depth experience in development for all sectors such as banking, takaful, capital markets, alternative financing through to fintech. Our development focuses on ensuring your product is commercially viable, tax-efficient, in line with regulations and most importantly Shariah-compliant.

Islamic FinTech

Fintech is an infant industry with great potential. Any firm which leverages this technology has the scope to be industry leaders and experts in this field. Our team are well-trained and qualified fintech specialists who are constantly keeping up to date with the latest developments.

Islamic Finance Training

Amanah’s experienced Shariah team engages in global Islamic Finance training and education. Amanah Advisors have held training sessions in North America, Europe, Australia, GCC, Africa and Asia. With over ten years of experience in Islamic Finance training, we have established excellent training for governments, corporates, banks, financial institutions, social finance institutions and more.


We are proud to have our name and branding on leading Islamic financial institutions in the world. Our Shariah certification services is an end-to-end review of all aspects of the business and product with a view to certifying on compliance. Our experienced and decentralised global team of advisors allows us to streamline the Shariah certification process. We ensure that not only do we certify upon compliance, but we seek to add value to your product by advising on optimal offerings and flows.

We know how valuable Shariah certification is for you; if a product is found to be non-compliant in the review, we will develop multiple solutions for you to restructure the product in a Shariah-compliant way and achieve certification. We will not walk away or disengage if a risk has been identified; we will help you mitigate that risk too.

Audit and Assurance

Our experienced team of Shariah auditors deliver an end-to-end Shariah audit service enhancing your Shariah governance and Shariah certification requirements. We review the Shariah risks and compliance to ensure that the financial institution is meeting its Shariah compliance requirements.

Our services encompass a timely and periodical review conducted to provide an independent judgment regarding the policies and investments of your firm in light of the Shariah Standards.


Our knowledge of classical knowledge, industry insight, and experience empowers us to deliver some of the most advanced research. Our global network allows us to leverage some of the leading practitioners and industry professionals to develop the latest research geared to meet all your needs.

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