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The platform to manage easily your investors and your investments.


Equisafe is a FinTech company. It aims at reshaping capital stock management and financial information sharing by developing a multi-service platform to serve as innovative technical support to investments in the capital markets. It relies on blockchain technology and time-stamped smart ledgers to address the pain points of the capital stock markets, with a special focus on simplifying and speeding up the investment process into private companies.

The platform gives today the possibility to business entities to connect and invest directly via its portal, recording and the securing legally each transaction through the usage of "smart contracts". Its values are toward Sustainable Finance and Value Creation in the local economies.

Equisafe allows the implementation of standardized mechanisms where all the verification procedures are carried out automatically, as you operate, thanks to artificial intelligence. Allowing enhanced user experience and high automation.

The barrier of the number of investors disappears, whether they are 10 or 100,000 investors, each of them will be rigorously controlled and the restrictions correctly applied pro-actively. All the procedure is secured through the use of time-stamped database opposable in the court of justice: Blockchain.

Equisafe is a platform that revolutionises the management of a company’s shares ledger.

Our solution allows fluidity and an opening of the scope of each of your fundraising.

Equisafe uses this technology to bring security, traceability, and real-time updates to manage registries of votes & shareholders for unlisted companies.

Handle all of your E-Governance on Equisafe.

Equisafe offers access to confidential documents always available, secure, that can be updated and signed quickly for greater transactional fluidity.

Peer-To-Peer Market

Our solution is a complete game-changer. Thanks to our platform, you, as a shareholder, are able to have access to a space to connect with investors interested in your shares. No more intermediaries and lower resale prices.

Come and connect easily with pre-controlled investors from the four corners of the world, and sell your shares with complete peace of mind!


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