Token Issuance

Equity/debt tokenisation,


Fintelum is a comprehensive ICO/STO token launch, smart contract, AML/KYC, compliance, crypto currency escrow/custodian platform with transfer agency, secondary token OTC desk functions and ongoing corporate action services.


- Regulated KYC/AML profiling 

- Live ID verification

- PEP and sanction lists scan

- DLT transaction check

- Source of funds verification

- Address whitelisting

- Investor accreditation


- Dashboard visualisations

- User management

- Investor profiles

- Program & campaign creation

- Multi cryptocurrency transactions

- Affiliate participation view

- Customised reports on demand


- Ethereum token issuance 

- Crypto funds co-custodianship 

- Multisig cold/hot integrated wallet


- Banking/payment services (introduction)

- OTC trades (introduction)

- Crypto exchange (introduction)

- Token listing (introduction)

- Market-making (introduction)


- Participant onboarding

- Compliance for existing participants

- Token ownership transfer agency

- Token OTC exchange 

- ISIN number application

- Voting

- Dividends

- Corporate announcements

- Corporate actions 

The Fintelum team is an experienced group of professionals who had previously built a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Europe and successfully closed a landmark ICO.

Fintelum is a crowdfunding platform for high growth businesses and value real-estate projects sourced in Latvia and Europe.

Acting in full compliance with the European KYC/AML laws, Fintelum showcases alternative investments in primary issuance and aftermarket to global participants in cryptocurrencies and fiat.

Fintelum provides Blockchain-based equity or utility-token issuance and investor relations with ongoing corporate actions.

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