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Give access to the investment opportunities that the 1% have been taking advantage of for years.


Invictus Capital offers alternative investment products for the modern investor. We believe investing should be convenient, transparent and low-cost.

At Invictus, we believe that blockchain technology will radically transform the future of asset management to the benefit of investors globally. We are pioneers in the space, having created a secure management and distribution platform that significantly improves costs and transparency.

Through our innovative funds and our very own investor platform, we provide investors worldwide with democratized investment access. With our products, we create high-return investment opportunities that everyone deserves.

Quantitative trading

We optimise investment strategies within the nascent world of cryptocurrency and decentralised finance - helping to both build out innovative investment products, and optimise the performance of current offerings.

Our team of investment professionals has a wealth of expertise in both traditional and alternative investments. The team includes the former Chief Data Scientist as well as the former Head of Derivatives Trading for two large global banks. We hire the most talented data scientists, engineers, and financial analysts.

Investment platform 

seamlessly invest in and manage holdings of our inviestment products using our blockchain-powered investor platform developed by our dedicated tech team made up of blockchain engineers, data scientists, developers and designers.

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