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Asset Digitization & Fractionalization over Blockchain Real Estate crowdfunding 2.0


MaiBlocks Technology (HK) Limited is a software solutions provider headquartered in Hong Kong. The company focuses in using leading-edge blockchain and digitization technology to create innovative solutions for financial (fintech) related problems.  

The MaiBlocks platform aims to offer end-to-end fractionalization & securitization services to transform illiquid assets such as real estate, private companies, and collectibles, into digitized funds on the Blockchain. The platform also serves as an investment portal to qualified investors for such digitized funds. The MaiBlocks platform services are offered in conjunction with MaiCapital, a HK SFC licensed company, to ensure that the entire operation is secure, legal and SFC-compliant.

By using leading edge Blockchain technology, MaiBlocks democratizes access to real estate investment opportunities, diversifies how real estate owners can raise capital, and ultimately provides liquidity to this highly illiquid asset class. At the same time, this is achieved via a legal, secure, and Hong Kong SFC-regulated operation.

Equity or Debt Investment

Underlying asset can be in the form of equity and/or debt

Fractional ownership supported

Global Exposure

Global access to alternative assets investment opportunities

Qualified investors* from all over the world are welcome

Dividend / Yield

Support investment payouts in form of dividend/yield

Payout in fiat / digital currencies

Transparent & Compliant

Compliant with HK regulations

Asset under fund’s management is transparent and auditable

Automated Corporate Management

Automate corporate actions such as voting

Perform company secretary functions

Secondary Market Trading

List on regulatory compliant exchanges

Enable exits on secondary markets.

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