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Building bridges for digital finance.


Mt Pelerin is creating in Switzerland a full reserve financial institution entirely built on the blockchain, with the ambition to facilitate the access to financing and investment for everyone. 

To make this vision possible, it has developed an in-house, open core banking system which integrates an advanced compliant tokenization technology. 

With this technology, Mt Pelerin will open a whole new chapter in banking by offering individuals and businesses alike unprecedented

possibilities straight from their bank account: seamless crypto-fiat deposits and payments, crypto-fiat trading, loans and financing through the issuance and trading of tokenized securities, tokenized funds, etc. 

Mt Pelerin will also enable traditional financial institutions to benefit from this new model, with an open access to its tokenized ecosystem as market participants and suppliers.

The name Mt Pelerin refers to the Mont Pèlerin Society, a group of brilliant economists and intellectuals advocating for an open society and economy driven by free market principles, personal and political liberty, and freedom of expression.

The Mont Pèlerin Society was founded in 1947 at the first conference organized by Professor Friedrich Hayek on the Mont Pèlerin, a small mountain overlooking Lake Geneva, our home. Professor Hayek invited 60 liberal scholars from all over the world to meet and renew the links that had been broken between them by war and nationalism. The society’s founders include Friedrich Hayek, Frank Knight, Karl Popper, Ludwig von Mises, George Stigler, and Milton Friedman, among others. Although these intellectuals represented a mix of schools of thoughts, e.g. the Chicago School of Economics or the Austrian School, they nevertheless all agreed on a desire to promote liberal ideas in the classical sense. The group never aspired to conduct propaganda nor align with any political party. Its sole objective is to facilitate the exchange of views among minds inspired by certain ideals and broad conceptions held in common and to contribute to the preservation and improvement of the free society.

At Mt Pelerin, those ideals are very dear to us, as they represent our values in life. We believe in the constructive power of every actor of the economy, once give real freedom and autonomy in his/her choices. We want to create favorable conditions to make the financial industry as a whole progress, while giving its customers the keys to their own financial empowerment.

Building bridges for digital finance

Mt Pelerin is a Swiss fintech expert in asset tokenization and digital compliance building the infrastructure for tomorrow's finance.

Work with compliant digital securities

We can carry out your asset tokenization projects with the largest set of tech, financial and compliance services on the market:

> Asset tokenization

> Digital sale setup

> Investor KYC/AML onboarding

> Funds collection

The Swiss asset tokenization expert

We have developed Bridge Protocol, a free and open source asset tokenization platform. It is the go-to solution to get started with the issuance, distribution, transfers, compliance and corporate actions of digital securities on public blockchains.

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Token Issuance

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