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The Securities Token Platform.


Polymath makes it easy to create, issue, and manage tokens on the blockchain. Over 200 tokens have been deployed using our Ethereum-based solution and we are now in the midst of launching Polymesh, 

Open source.

Transparency is at the core of all Polymath products.


ERC1400 standard ensures the token’s code meets specific requirements in order to minimize technical due diligence.


Build tokens your way, for your jurisdictions. Polymath modules let you customize your offering, manage your token, and provide corporate actions.


Polymath lets issuers set rules around who can hold their token, how it can be transferred and other jurisdictional requirements. From there, the system will automate rule enforcement. 


Polymath’s self-serve token creation and management technology integrates smoothly with a large ecosystem of custodians, broker-dealers, legal firms, cap table management providers, token sale platforms, KYC/AML providers and others so that issuers can create a bespoke end-to-end solution.


Polymesh is an institutional-grade blockchain built specifically for security tokens that solves the inherent challenges with public infrastructure around identity, compliance, confidentiality, and governance. 

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