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Retium is a real estate investment management


REITIUM is a real estate investment management platform that has simplified the process of buying real estate.

REITIUM is a world-class investment platform, allowing users to obtain income-generating real estate assets.

REITIUM proprietary SaaS technology is a back-end management software that offers investment managers a solution to house, monitor, and record real-time investment data, fully compliant with securities regulations. 

Most companies working with sensitive investment data are using spreadsheets and archaic modeling with no live deal tracking, which means their manual process can be exposed to human error or majorly backlogged.

Our SaaS brings together the many layers of the backend deal flow process and through a personalized app, it acts as a CRM, a live deal tracker, a digital CAP table, a communications centre, a compliance engine, and more.

With REITIUM, users save hundreds of hours per week, no longer miss out on deals and have access to our simplified, digitized system, available on any device. 

Our long term vision is for REITIUM to include servicing the retail investor market, becoming a global platform that offers the opportunity for anyone to invest, enabling Real Estate for Everyone™.

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