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Disrupting the world of venture capital with the Blockchain.


VCs invest in startups that disrupt industries and reinvent the world we live in, generating billions of dollars in the process.

So it’s remarkable to see how the world of venture capital itself has remained untouched

by technology for so many years.

SPiCE’s vision is to utilize blockchain technologies to disrupt the venture capital industry with the first truly

liquid and inclusive VC fund, issuing regulatory-compliant securities tokens. SPiCE tokens will be tradable

and will entitle holders to 100% of net exit revenues.

SPiCE is a Venture Capital fund providing its investor's exposure to the massive growth of the Blockchain and tokenization ecosystem.

We invest in companies building the ecosystem, with winning products and services, and strong teams capable of executing on their vision and leading their domain. Companies who stand to benefit the most from the massive growth of the industry.


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