Token Issuance

Stobox allows businesses to issue digital securities to attract capital from investors.


Currently, small and medium enterprises are limited to attracting investment from big institutional investors. There aren't many such big investors, which puts businesses in a disadvantaged position in negotiations and allows investors to demand high equity stake. 

STOBOX gives businesses access to a worldwide community of retail and private accredited investors. Modern investors are 25-45 year-old people who don't trust traditional financial institutions and are looking for double-digit returns. They are digital natives and want to invest in digital assets with a swipe of a screen. 

STOBOX provides a full range of services for issuing nex generation digital security on a distributed ledger, including legal structuring, technical setup, preparation of marketing materials and organization of a fundraising campaign. 

The offering of digital securities is conducted in complete compliance with EU financial regulation. You can determine yourself what equity stake you want to give away and what returns you are ready to offer. Get access to a global pool of capital to expand your business!

STOBOX collaborates with Digital Authorities to drive financial innovations

STOBOX is advising and playing an active role in creation and formation of the new industry standards. We cooperate with governments to create a clear regulatory framework for virtual assets, security tokens, payment tokens and other cryptographic virtual assets.

Investment Funds

Investment funds are already leveraging security tokens to attract capital. Learn more on best practices and successful cases.Investment Funds


Gaming continues to be the fast growing market. Tokenization is a great tool to engage gamers and convert them into tokenholders.

Real Estates

Investors around the world can enter real estate market through fully-compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership.


Growing businesses usually find it difficult to raise funds via traditional institutions like banks or VCs. Equity crowdfunding is the answer.

Natural Resources

Tokenization of natural resources like gold, copper, or even uranium provide easy to access alternative investments.

Art & Collectibles

Tokenization and fractional ownership of collectibles open a gateway to new investment opportunities without letting go of the physical collectible item.

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