Token Issuance

Open infrastructure for digital securities


Enabling Digital Securities

Our modular platform puts the full power of digital securities on the blockchain into the hands of issuers and service firms.

Swarm Capital is building its services on top of the SWARM SRC20 Protocol to enable its customers to leverage underlying infrastructure and integrate with other premium services. The result are a-la-carte and white-label offerings for clients who desire additional support in the design, development, and lifetime management of their digital assets infrastructure.


A simple and efficient financial infrastructure that empowers issuers and regulators alike 

Blockchain tech meets financial market infrastructure

We enable businesses to offer digital and fully compliant issuances of digital securities to their customers. We combine a cutting-edge platform and simple-to-use tools that build on regulatory expertise - so our clients can truly focus on their core business.

Our modular approach empowers your business

We treat the issuance services on our platform as building blocks, which our customers can mix and match to create issuance and management services specifically tailored to their asset and business model. These building blocks include investor on-boarding, KYC services, issuance, token management, digital custody, fiat gateways, and more - all accessible via APIs.

SWARM Protocol

Our applications are designed on top of the Swarm Protocol. We help you master the blockchain and connect institutional-grade applications so you can focus on the 'what' and not the 'how'.


- Issuance at your fingertips

- Modular. Integrated. Staged.

- Designed around compliance and trust.

Speed and Adequacy

Our platform-based, modular service stack allows issuers to approach the opportunity without large up-front costs.

Trusted by Innovators

Our platform modules are used and trusted by innovators across the industry.

Modern Tech Stack

Our issuance-as-a-service platform has some of the most advanced features and APIs in the market.

Compliance tools

We provide you with tools to face any regulatory burden, so you can focus on creating the best possible opportunity.

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Token Issuance

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