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Tokenestate SA is a FinTech & LegalTech company based in Neuchatel & Geneva, Switzerland. It has been founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs, techies & financial professionals keen to realize the promise of security tokens and to democratize investing.

By using blockchain technology and digital signatures, Tokenstate is developing a disruptive platform to make it faster, cheaper, and easier to invest in companies in real estate.

With the Tokenstate platform, private companies and real estate asset managers have access to an alternative way to raise financing and expanding their investor base.

Tokenestate is here to make investing in companies & real estate easier, faster and cheaper by using blockchain & digital signature technologies.

With Tokenestate, businesses can:

1. Easily issue financial securities

2. Sell in Switzerland & abroad

3. Comply with financial regulation

4. Allow investors to buy & sell securities

5. Manage investor relationships digitally

Over the past 2 years, Tokenestate has developped a leading Digital Security issuing platform, and an expertise in tokenizing real estate investments. In the near future, Tokenestate will continue to invest in the Platform, by supporting votes & general assemblies, issue a mobille app, allow secondary trading and the payment of dividends.

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