Token Issuance

Private Markets, Reinvented. Canada's first regulated digital shares marketplace.


The platform will enable investors and all companies to enter the new world of digital finance by issuing and managing security tokens. 

Token Funder launched its own Initial Token Offering (ITO) in 2017 to both retail and accredited investors. The ITO was regulatory compliant as a result of an exemption provided by the Ontario Securities Commission. Around the globe there have been over $6B in unregulated ICOs/ITOs that have not passed the tests of regulated scrutiny.  Token Funder believes regulation is not in the way... it's the right way.


Our state of the art compliance tech ensures a smooth investment process.

Fixed Fee

We charge a fixed per-investor fee. Get your total cost below 1%.

Controlled Liquidity

Canada’s first regulatory-approved marketplace for private securities.

Breakthrough Lower Fees

Fixed fee per investor. KYC/AML, risk acknowledgment, payment processing, primary distribution all included.

Advanced Compliance

Securities compliance is coded into the digital asset, rules are automatically and transparently self-enforced.

Ease of Management

No more paper or mail. Distribute assets, view holdings, manage securities behaviors online in real-time.

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Token Issuance

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