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Fullservice solution for creating initial coin offerings and other blockchain related services.


Full service solution for creating initial coin offerings and other blockchain related services.

ICO crafter aims to be a 360 solution for conducting initial coin offerings. We have vast experience in the field and will create contracts within the Ethereum ERC-20 platform and other blockchain related services. With over 20+ years experience in online marketing and web development we saw a big need in the field of cryptocurrency and created a solution that could work for anyone who sees their business thriving creating blockchain solutions or their own cryptocurrency.

Creating an ICO, STO or ETO

The service was created from need. We are the first ever company that can offer a 360 solution for creating security token offerings or equity token offering – we will create your token / coin, run the ICO / STO / ETO with our staff, do the marketing to raise the best possible number and try to get you listed on exchanges. Our security and equity tokens are selfregulatory through the ERC-1404 and ERC-884 standards.

We can help you create a team, advisory boards and talk to both media and exchanges with you. We are a fullservice cryptocurrency and blockchain initial coin offering - ICO creating service.

With Tokenine you will save a ton of time looking for the right people to help you reach your goals. Our staff and collaborating partners are industry professionals. Security Token Offering - STO is almost exactly the same thing as an ICO with the difference that it is backed up by an asset, a business or commodities and has the possibility for self regulation.

What is a Security Token Offering - STO ?

A security is a instrument backed by assets. This means that the security token we create for you will therefore be backed by assets. It can be whatever you can come up with such as real estate, gold, oil, copper, steel, a movie production, music, diamonds, gas etc.

While existing solutions out there solve just one or two problems we at ICO Crafter aim to solve them all, a totally 360 solution with, & easy-to-start services in the blockchain. Save time working on creating your business model and outsource the tedious ICO task to us, we know it takes time.

It takes thousands of hours to get everything ready for an ICO / STO or ETO*. Website with fullblown KYC systems need to be created, tokens / coins need to be forged, collaborations need to be set up and exchanges need to be contacted for listings.

* An equity token offering (ETO) can be done for companies in Delaware state in the US who has recently passed regulations for backing a token with a company share. ERC-884 is what we will offer.

Multi-currency support

We give your investors the option to choose from a selection of secure and globally trusted deposit options. Being able to deposit quickly, easily and securely.

We offer solutions for payment with different currencies such as FIAT (EUR/USD), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC). Our system is flexible and we can therefore integrate any solutions out there and customized the payment solution for your specific needs.

Top Notch Blockchain Security

ICO:s are a very secure way of raising funds as it is done within a blockchain solution. The blockchain itself is currently unhackable.

We offer tokens / coins inside the most secure blockchains out there currently. We mainly build tokens and contracts in ERC-20 but we can also build on forks of Bitcoin Core. We therefore use both the Ethereum Blockchain and the Bitcoin Blockchain for our clients needs. We also create self regulation through ERC-1404 and ERC-884.

ERC-1404 & ERC-884 Self Regulatory Tokens

Blockchain that regulates itself.

Our solution for security tokens and equity tokens are world leading. We can in the blockchain whitelist your wallet against a KYC / AML process with ERC-1404. Anyone trying to send funds to a wallet that is not whitelisted will fail. This is a solution that lawmakers love and the future of regulated tokens. ERC-884 can help create Delaware Equity Token Offerings (ETO) with a self regulatory mechanism that works similarly.

What we offer:

* Coin / Token Creation (ERC-20 or custom solution)

* System Development (Frontend / Backend)

* KYC Systems

* Payment Solutions Integration

* Online Marketing

* PR Solutions

* Airdrop Solutions

* Access to our Blockchain Network

* Access to Legal Advisors

* Team / Advisors

* Pitching for Listing on Exchanges

ICOs are created for many different purposes, mostly it's about fundraising an idea or a implementation of a solution within a blockchain. Other times it's just to help create value for investors that want to invest in a business without having to go through the long process of doing a IPO.

Whatever reason we want to be your preferred partner and we will customize the solution based upon your needs.

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