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Reinventing Investment Banking. We Help Corporate Clients Get the Best From Decentralized Finance


Tokenomica’s initial team was comprised of four people working in Deloitte CIS Blockchain Lab: each had a strong legal background and considerable expertise in tokenization, blockchain, and crypto. They shared vision and started working to build a regulated platform for issuance and trading of tokenized securities. That’s how Tokenomica was born.

Now, our team has grown to 22 members — just about two dozen bright minds working from Moscow, Amsterdam, Alicante, Limassol, Tallinn, and San Gwann. And we expect our team to grow further in the future.

Tokenomica provides a tailored, cutting-edge solution for corporate clients that are willing to enter decentralized finance.

We aim to help you profit from the growing paradigm, to navigate you through the market with ease, and to provide a solution that will suit your 

specific needs.

Borrow From Decentralized Finance

Access billions USD locked in decentralized protocols at competitive interest rates. No bookbuilding or marketing required. You provide the collateral of your choice, we manage the rest.

Invest in Decentralized Finance

Access the most profitable instruments available in a decentralized finance economy, such as lending, stacking, savings and others. You earn fixed income with significantly higher APY than traditional financial markets, we manage the rest.

Trade and Exchange Cryptocurrency

Access cryptocurrency markets using your corporate account in a fully regulated environment: buy and sell crypto with EURO or exchange crypto assets. We provide you with dedicated service and reporting required for regulatory purposes.


Our services are provided in compliance with digital assets regulation in Malta, including regular cybersecurity audits, compliance with European AML/KYC regulation and GDPR.

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Token Issuance

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