Token Issuance

Delivering the promise of digital assets with institutional-grade compliance


TokenSoft is the leading technology and security platform for companies seeking to issue assets on the blockchain, at scale, and within compliance. 

From startups and funds to enterprises and investment banks, TokenSoft's platform offers a bespoke suite of technology and consulting services to meet the needs of the entire lifecycle of a digital security, including onboarding, distribution, custody, and ongoing administration. TokenSoft supports the highest standards for regulation and compliance, regardless of jurisdiction. The firm’s clients have raised nearly $500 million in assets.

Tokensoft serves

financial institutions

Tokensoft's platform automates the fundraising and investor management and streamlines the secondary transfer process

Streamline operations

Improve compliance and lower operational costs

Managing assets and investors can be costly. The Tokensoft platform uses the blockchain to digitize financial products and lower operational costs. Manage all your clients and assets in a single place, while streamlining your compliance procedures. 

Blockchain on your terms

Keep your CISO happy, launch in your cloud

Integrating the blockchain into a regulated financial institution may seem possible. Leverage Tokensoft's proven technology and experience to get to market faster, in your jurisdictions and your compliance requirements.

Financial Institutions

Tokensoft automates manual, discretionary compliance with preventative, automated compliance. Leverage our platform to automate your compliance procedures and lower your operational costs using the blockchain. 

Emerging Growth Companies

Raise money directly from investors domestically and internationally with Tokensoft's platform. Issue your assets leveraging the blockchain to access international markets and provide investors liquidity.


For asset management firms seeking to leverage the blockchain, Tokensoft enables unregistered or registered funds investing in real estate, equities, debt or derivatives to automate their back office procedures.

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Token Issuance

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