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Validity Labs is a leading provider of blockchain-based decentralized applications based in Switzerland. The journey started in 2015 with the Ethereum genesis block offering a range of workshops, courses, and services focused on decentralized applications and their use cases.

Validity Labs AG is a spin-off from ETH Zürich and has been working closely with the ETH as well as other Swiss Universities over the past few years. Validity Labs supports large corporations (e.g., insurance companies, banks, and fund managers) on their first blockchain products. In addition to exploring blockchain and its uses with clients, we also help them develop applications based on their individual needs. This includes laying out a strategic road map, choosing the appropriate technology, and identifying its impact as well as deploying and hosting the solution post-release.

Besides the client-driven projects, we developed a few products of our own. In 2017 we released our Investor onboarding dashboard to facilitate KYC/AML processes to support fundraiser projects. In 2018 we developed a reporting & forensic suite to provide Crypto-AML services for financial and governmental institutions. In 2019 we extended our portfolio with the first blockchain-enabled insolvency platform for a Swiss government to digitalize the claimant onboarding process as well as the ability to return tokenized assets.

The way to approach software development in a decentralized context significantly differs from legacy technologies. This starts from the architecture and ideation with a “decentralized thinking” that we at Validity Labs fully embrace. Building a decentralized application (dapp) is more than exchanging an existing database with a blockchain. Current blockchains are the most expensive, slowest and least mature database technologies on the market and should only be used where it makes sense and for the subset of transactions that really do belong onto a blockchain. We support you in finding out what exact interaction should happen on-chain and off-chain and also find alternative technologies for off-chain transactions and data.

Launch your ICO/STO

Validity Labs has supported many projects with their token issuance, writing and testing smart contracts, running the fundraiser including all needed processes/parties (Legal/KYC/AML/Banking/etc). We have an established process in place to run a secure, compliant and seamless STO in just a few months.

Blockchain workshops

Since the start of Ethereum, Validity Labs has been teaching the fundamentals of blockchain technology and smart contract coding to many corporates, institutions and organisations. We are continuously improving our teaching courses to give you the best start to understand blockchain technology in theory and practice.

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