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Giving SMEs quick, affordable access to business finance through our online platform


WeOwn is an alternative business finance platform, giving SMEs better access to capital, so company leaders can focus on growing your business – not securing finance.  

We facilitate two finance options: 

Business loans: 

- Borrow €20,000 upwards 

- Check your eligibility and apply in minutes 

- Get funding within 7 working days 

- Higher acceptance rate and better deals than many mainstream bank loans  

- Fully online, no complex paperwork  

- All loans unsecured  

Equity raises: 

- Cheaper and quicker than IPOs 

- Less complicated than private equity  

- Direct investor relationships, intermediaries can’t get in the way   

- Fully online, no complex paperwork 

- You control the share cost and terms  

Simplicity is key to our approach; less fuss, lower fees and fewer middlemen. We use cutting-edge blockchain technology to enable quick, painless sign up and rapid, secure transactions.  

SMEs can sign up for free now at fast.weown.com.  

WeOwn also offers lucrative opportunities for professional investors wanting to lend to or get a stake in businesses at their quickest stage of growth. Build your portfolio through our online platform, or large enterprises can white-label our marketplace for investors to use under your branding.  

WeOwn is a self-service digital platform that helps SMEs to better manage their investors and stakeholder engagement. For businesses looking for funding, we provide access to peer-to-peer lending and equity financing

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