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Altitude Residential Series, LLC is offering a Multifamily Portfolio

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Altitude Residential Series, LLC is offering a Multifamily Portfolio. It allows qualified individuals to invest in multimillion-dollar residential buildings without breaking the bank.

Investors will receive tokens (digital shares) that represent fractional ownership of the portfolio and gain dividends based on the cash generated by the properties.

Altitude Residential will acquire real estate listed in the next section upon a successful capital raise. It will start executing purchase agreements one month after the soft cap of $3,000,000 is reached. If the full amount ($52,749,587) is raised before the deadline, the offering will be closed

Altitude Residential reserves the right to replace any property showcased in this portfolio with a similar one if it becomes unavailable during the fund raise.

Dividends and Ownership


Altitude Residential is offering fractional ownership of multifamily real estate in the US in the form of digital shares (tokens). Dividends are distributed to token holders every quarter in USD. Investors can also choose to receive dividends in stablecoins. The company offers a pure equity portfolio of stabilized income-producing real estate in the USA. This way investors can individually decide if they want to leverage their tokens for debt and higher ROI or keep it as is for lower risk.

The properties included in this portfolio represent the assets that Altitude Residential intends to buy upon successful capital raise. In case one or more of the properties become unavailable during the raise, Altitude Residential is responsible for finding an asset with comparable parameters (size, income,location, return, etc).

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