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Fractional ownership of commercial real estate in the US in the form of tokens

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Vital Capital Properties offers investors an opportunity to invest in healthcare real estate and receive regular dividends, based on their equity ownership and portfolio performance.

The healthcare sector behaves differently in challenging times than most other areas. It is more resistant to recessions, making it a relatively safe investment. This is especially true for urgent care centers that are present in this portfolio and can be profitable even when people choose to postpone preventive care.

The properties we selected include ER, urgent and residential care facilities,outpatient clinics, medical office parks and more. Most of them are fully occupied, with the lowest occupancy at 93%. The tenants have long-term leases and are unlikely to move due to the nature of healthcare real estate.

Vital Capital Properties is offering fractional ownership of medical real estate in the US in the form of digital shares (tokens). Dividends are distributed to token holders every quarter in USD. Investors can also choose to receive dividends in stablecoins. The company offers a pure equity portfolio of stabilized income-producing real estate in the USA. This way investors can individually decide if they want to leverage their tokens for debt and higher ROI or keep it as is for lower risk.

The properties included in this portfolio represent the assets that Vital Capital Properties intends to buy upon successful capital raise. In case one or more of the properties become unavailable during the raise, Vital Capital Properties is responsible for finding an asset with comparable parameters (size, income,location, return, etc).

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