About TokenBench

TokenBench: A Discovery Platform for Tokenised Assets

Searching for tokenised assets, researching which are legitimate and where to buy and sell them is time-consuming.

TokenBench is building a comprehensive database for tokenised assets, its issuers, primary trading markets, secondary exchanges, and all service providers of the tokenised assets ecosystem.

“ We believe that everyone should have easy access to financial markets and investments ”

Asset Tokenisation: Digital Securities on the Blockchain

The concept of asset tokenisation refers to the process of issuing securities digitally as “Tokens” on the blockchain.

The tokens issued represents a real tradable asset or ownership of that asset, hence the name “Tokenised Asset”.

The tokens can represent any tangible asset such as gold, real estate or intangible assets such as equities and shares.

Why Tokenisation is the future of finance?

Tokenization is democratising the economy, making it more efficient, fair and secure for all market participants by greatly reducing the friction involved in the issuing, buying, and selling of securities.

Fractional ownership, fast settlements, 24/7 Trading with a global liquidity pool are a few examples of the benefits that tokenisation offers.